Effective Speech on TV


How to stay cool under the heat of a dozen TV cameras and studio lights? How to make sure your costly broadcasts pay off with reputational dividends? How to make the right impact on the target audience? The goal of this program is to prepare newsmakers for effective interviews and speeches on TV.


In the course of this program the trainee will deliver at least 5 fully-fledged performances in the typical TV genres, such as “stand-up comment”, “guest in the studio”, “talk show & debates”, “expert interview”. Placed in a real TV studio, the speaker will be able to practice TV speech in a safer training mode, while getting video-based feedback from the media coach and professional TV anchors.


By completing this program you will be able to:

  • Make the right impression on the TV audience
  • Know and apply the Commandments and Taboos of a TV newsmaker
  • Manage anxiety while on the hot spot
  • Think on your feet and react wisely to the unexpected turns of the scenario
  • Use a simple 5-step technique to prepare yourself for the “show” (TJ Walker’s model)
  • Know the subtleties of the TV wardrobe: which colors and textures are camera-friendly, and which are not
  • Perform effectively in the major TV genres: «guest in the studio«, “talk show & debates”, “expert interview” and more
  • Keep your face answering provocative questions by the anchor and viewers
  • Move and gesture effectively in front of cameras

[Delivery options]

Option 1: Individual coaching sessions (series of 2-3hrs meetings).

Option 2: Corporate training (2 days, 6-12 participants).