Effective Radio Speech


How to present yourself and your business when speaking on a radio show? How to make sure the speech is flowing smoothly on the media that does not tolerate long pauses? How to grab attention and keep listeners engaged if there are many guests on the show? The goal of this program is to give speakers techniques that will improve their performance the next time they are on air.


Working with real DJs and anchors of the radio shows in the real radio studios will help speakers feel the heat this fast-paced media, while learning important lessons in a safe training mode. Aided by a personal media coach, speakers will be able to make better impression on the radio, by using 100% of their voice potential and managing listeners’ attention to their best.


By completing this program you will be able to:

  • Prepare your own package of materials for a great radio speech (e.g. Conversational Mind Map)
  • Use a set of exercises that will help your voice get into the best shape quickly
  • Feel more comfortable in an unusual atmosphere of a radio studio
  • Improve articulation, reduce accent (if any), make your voice sound better (M. Chekhov system)
  • Manage the pace and pitch wisely
  • Manage anxiety before and during an interview through effective breathing (Strelnikova system)
  • Speak to your audience’s hearts and minds, engage the listeners
  • Think on your feet – make your speech brisk yet laconic
  • Make sure your key messages get across through an interesting conversation

[Delivery options]

Option 1: Individual coaching sessions (series of 2-3hrs meetings).

Option 2: Corporate training (2 days, 6-12 participants).