The Winning Press Interview


What if a journalist calls and asks for a quick comment? What may happen if a spokesperson declines a media request? How to get the most from cooperation with the press? How to give an interview that will result in an accurate publication? The one-one interview has it’s risks and benefits for the speaker. The goal of this program is to arm a speaker with a full arsenal of techniques needed to face the media tête-à-tête.


In the course of program the trainees will go through 3 to 5 fully-fledged interviews ranging from a 3-minute phone comment in direct to a 3-hour talk with a newspaper correspondent. The trainees will have a chance to flip the roles and wear the shoes of a journalist thus learning more about the tricks and gimmicks used on the other side of the barricade.


By completing this program you will be able to:

  • Use a foolproof scheme to prepare yourself fast for a media interview («five- counter-questions» technique)
  • Learn more about all basic types of interviews
  • Understand the open and hidden interests of the interviewer
  • Get your messages across to your target audiences while respecting the interests of media
  • Speak within boundaries (“red”, “yellow”, and “blue” zones) Identify different types of questions and know how to react to each one (J. Detz technique)
  • Speak the “news language” to get in the news faster (Model “Contrast-Scale-Proximity”)
  • Speak the language of your audience avoiding jargon
  • Be ready to counteract typical media tricks (incl. “3 in 1”, “No record”, “Big Brother”, “Pregnant Pause”, “Speculation”, etc.)
  • Maximize the chance of accurate quote in the media (TJ Walker’s model)

[Delivery options]

Option 1: Individual coaching sessions (series of 2-3hrs meetings).

Option 2: Corporate training (2 days, 6-12 participants).